How to get a winning and stunning strategy

Why you have to work to a Mautic and Instagram stunning strategy? Is this a real winning strategy? Yes it could be, but it depends on your mind!!!

Mautic is one of the best Open Source Marketing Automation platform. With Mautic you can build many many marketing strategy with complex:

  • Emails
  • Modules
  • Landing pages
  • Workflows

And use tags, points, categories for profiling and involve your audiences.

Instagram is the most increasing social network of last years and, above all, the social network of young people. But Instagram and Mautic integration with plugin is quite far from a quality solution.

So probably you can’t wait, then you need a good strategy on Mautic and Instagram without plugin.

mautic and instagram

The tools for you Mautic and Instagram strategy

Don’t warry, you don’t need many tools. You don’t need axpensive toos. More, I think you need free tools for your Mautic and Instagram strategy. Don’t you? See below….


Like our Mautic and Twitter strategy, we think that all you can do with free tools could be a right approach, at least at the beginning of your strategy.

Mautic and Instagram are the core of your strategy, you need it. No Mautic or Instagram plugin for integration are needed.

Gram up is a free Google Chrome extension thats allow you to manage in an advanced way your instagram account.

Beefree is a website with tons of template for free or not, is one of that I prefer for my job. You can use any other if you want…

First step: Gram Up work for you

If you have an Instagram account and you wish it grown very fast Gram Up is your tool. But Gram Up is a fantistic tool for managing your Mautic and Instagra strategy too.

Wath you need is, simply, to do this steps:

  • Search a brand you like, a brand with the correct storytelling, a your competitor or am important player
  • On Gram Up menu select “Download” section
  • Than select “Email”
  • Read instructions
  • Than click “Run”

Gram Up will scan the brand you select and grab all email it can. Than the email will be writte in a .CSV file. Thats all folks ;) the first step of your Mautic and Instagram strategy is over…

Second step: Design your content

In my case this is the more exciting step of the Mautic & Instagram strategy. And for you?

I love write good content fast, so I use You are free, it’s my choice….

Ok, now you have to design your content:

  • Go to
  • Select a theme you like and click “Get started”
  • Build your needs
  • Select “Export”

You can do the same with every tool you love, with mautic builder too or from scratch writing the code by your hand.

Third step: Mautic finally

Are you ready? Now we are at the and of our strategy using Mautic and Instagram.

Go to your Mautic instance. You’ll need this steps:

  • Build a segment and call it “Instagram @brand”
  • Build an email*
  • Build a Landing page*
  • Build a Campaign as image below

All you need is done and in my case works fine. With this strategy Mautic do for you all the work and you can use Instagram to select good contacts to work for.

*: To build landing page and email select “Code mode”, than copy and paste the code you can find in the zip downloaded from, otherwise you can use Mautic Builder.

campaign for instagram on mautic

CAUTION!!! Respect people privacy!!!

Remember that you just grab email.

You can’t use it without explicit authorization from every single users. You have to be every day away from spam.

DELETE users that don’t visit your landing page.

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