How to develop a Marketing Automation Funnel on Twitter?

Building a Funnel for Twitter with Mautic is simple and very profitable. Think about how many people use #hashtag and @mention every day to follow events. These people to get in touch with specific topics and users.
Think about a customer journey and the opportunities to profile users. If we were to start from scratch trying to “shoot in the pile”? Our Funnel with Mautic should provide simple thematic tweets launched in the ether. But what if we want more?
If we wanted to take advantage of the marketing tools that Twitter and Mautic put at our disposal?
Let’s start by analyzing a classic Funnel.
If the users frequent the social network could be in the attention phase. The users who follow a specific #hastag flow could already be in the Interest phase. So already closer to the sale. Users who interact with @mention may be in the desire phase. In fact, these users interact with the brand activating a communication channel. This Funnel is a simplification, but it is not far from real cases. You could be, now, in my Funnel. But let’s get back to us and see how to build a strategy for a very profitable Funnel.

To build a funnel for twitter with Mautic you have to connect them

Every strategy that respects itself provides adequate tools. In our case we will use the functions of Twitter and Mautic to develop a lead generation campaign.

Let’s start by monitoring Twitter

Carefully choose the hashtags to monitor, do not overdo it and check the volume of tweets and the real interest in your brand or product on Twitter first. Help yourself with internal research tools or with

specific tools. Don’t lock up trending topics, risks of having too high volumes and cold users. Use your head. The more specific and precise you are, the less you will have, but much more motivated and interested. Hearing fans is very important for building funnel for twitter with mautic
Now go to the Channels section of the Mautic menu and select “Social Monitoring”. Add a new monitoring channel. As usual, choose an appropriate name and description. In #hashtag selection tracking method. Enter the word chosen and move the matching option between Twitter and Mautic to YES. This try to associate the information for users already registered in your database. Then enter the users in the Segment created using the option: “Add contact to selected segment (s)”.

And now the marketing campaign

We begin the actual marketing activities. First, create a Landing Page that promotes your product or service. The link to this landing will be included in a tweet that we will send to users identified by Mautic. This is the landing point of our Funnel with Mautic and Twitter, so heal it very carefully. I suggest you create at least one copy of the landing in English and link one as the translation of the other. You will be sure that users will see a page in a language they understand.

Now go to the “Channels” section and then “Tweets”. Create a new tweet. Caution. You are writing a tweet that will be sent automatically to all those who use the highlighted hashtag. So it creates a message that is personal and specific. I advise you to use tokens to make it even more personalized. An example tweet could be:

Hi {twitter_handle} I wrote the book “Mautic. Marketing Automation open source”. Here you can find an abstract just for you. I would be happy to have your comment. Thanks {pagelink = xx}

The first token inserts the name of the user, the second the link to the landing prepared for this. In my case the funnel is even more complex, because the Landing is nothing more than a summary of this article. From the Landing those interested can arrive on this page and deepen the theme. I try to sell my book, so the more I can keep people connected to what I write, the more likely they are to buy the book. If you use hashtag of particular importance, you can create multilingual tweets. Always create at least one in English.
Well we are at the heart of the project. We build the campaign that manages the Funnel between Mautic and Twitter. Go to the Campaigns section and start a new one. Fill in the usual standard sections. Enter the bulder and start a segment campaign, it takes the users in the segment created before. Enter one or more conditions to verify the user’s language. In my case, if the “Preferred local” field is equal to “Italian”. Add a new condition and check if the user has the “tweetted” tag (which we created before). You could also enter a specific user field, see you. If the tag exists, the user exits the stream or you can send it to another campaign or delete it. Why all this? We want to prevent a user from receiving the same tweet several times. You can also use other mechanisms, this seems to me very simple and fast.
For users who do not have the “tweetted” tag, we add the “Send tweet” action and select the tweet of the correct language. We repeat for the other languages. We add another action that adds the “tweetted” tag to the user. In this way it will exit the flow. We can achieve the same result by preventing the user from repeating the campaign. But, the use of the tag gives us more information for the measurements. The campaign is over and the user with the new tag will be excluded from the segment.

Deepen the Funnel

 funnel for twitter with mautic makes money
If we want to create an even more complex structure for a more profitable funnel? We could use the landing even more efficiently. In my case, users present an abstract of my book. To download it they must leave me their email. All this makes it possible to increase the possibilities of selling the book. Not bad for a trivial funnel right?
Thats all folks, now you can build your funnel for twitter with mautic. Let’s work with!!!